School Safety

Safety begins with our fenced-in campus, which we share with Somerset Charter School. Cameras, singular access points, and a security detail on campus maintain the integrity of our space as one for students, parents, and teachers.

Guests are not permitted in the building while children are present. Our current virus-aware protocols include, but are not limited to, outside “front-porch” check-ins of students, temperature checks for students and staff, and shoe sanitizing mats. Once inside, we have a hand-washing and sanitizing protocol, dedicated clinic, UV air filters, enhanced cleaning processes throughout the day and in the evenings.

Our school has invested in a ZONO machine, which has a 99.9% kill rate for sanitizing and disinfecting, as well as the power to kill lice, bed bugs, and their eggs. (The ZONO is currently under testing for coronavirus efficacy.) Learning materials, toys, supplies, and bedding are sanitized with the ZONO daily. Our families also have an opportunity on “ZONO Days” to bring in car seats and other items that could benefit from the best germ-killing machine out there!

What makes our students feel safest is our caring administration and staff. They are trained in CPR and First Aid and follow specific playground and classroom safety guidelines. Our staff is also tested for COVID-19. If there a child who falls ill or has an accident, we have strict protocols for immediate assistance to the child and notification of parents.

Beyond training and protocols, each member of the turtle’s nest early learning center family believes in their mission to create a loving and nurturing path to education for each child. This adds to the child’s sense of security, which frees them to develop and grow into their best self.