Turtle’s Nest Preschool

Our Preschool Program Serves Children from 1 – 4 Years-Old!

Preschool Programs


Our “twos” journey into preschool with social and emotional development as a key to unlock the next step.

Time: 7am – 6pm

Two girls holding tools for gardening | Daycare in Jacksonville


Our “threes” embrace the world of learning with enriching educational experiences to prepare them for the kindergarten-readiness curriculum.

Time: 7am – 6pm

Autumn leaves pasted on three sheets of paper| Daycare in Jacksonville


Our “fours” explore ELLM curriculum in VPK time, and their days are filled with developing their love for learning.

Pre-K: 9am – 12pm
Full Day: 7am – 6pm

Our Core Four


Children celebrate the outdoors with nature, gardening, farming, and playing! They are safely guided into the world, so they can forge new exciting experiences. Inside the classroom, they are provided with a wealth of materials and opportunities to explore cultural, social, academic, and creative themes.


Artistic expression allows children to process their experiences, explore their imagination, and express their individuality. Free play with materials designed to spark the child’s creativity encourage them to embrace the most magical time of their lives—childhood.


Early education sets the stage for a child’s love for learning. Developmentally appropriate materials fill the classrooms, and each teacher has the freedom to adjust to a child’s individual needs to help them succeed. VPK-approved Early Learning & Literacy Model Plus curriculum creates a solid path to Kindergarten-readiness, and is one component of our safe and loving approach to early education.


At our preschool, children excel academically, socially, and emotionally. Especially in the early education years, setting a solid and secure inner network of self-regulation and compassion is equally important. What looks like “play” to an adult is often a critical learning process for children to learn how to navigate through the world. Guided and supported in a nurturing atmosphere, the whole child is encouraged to grow.

DCF and School Readiness Approved

Our VPK program utilizes a DCF and School Readiness approved curriculum to ensure that our students are well-prepared for Kindergarten experiences in any environment. Click Here to learn more about our enriching curriculum program.

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